Ms Ingrid low and her team have been looking after my garden for nine years. The team pays a weekly visit without fail, whatever the weather, and I have often been impressed to see them working as normal in rain. My lawn cannot be described as one of the best. The type of grass is not good and it is upon ground which contains much clay and gravel, but the team maintains it very well. She requests me to obtain fertilisers and garden chemicals well before they must be used. Ms Low is fanatical about creating a great deal of compost, which she then puts to very good use. The garden is much shaded by large trees, and that makes its maintenance more difficult, but it is a problem she overcomes to a great extent. I would recommend the little garden company to any person seeking to have their garden well looked after.
His Honour Stanley Spence.

The little garden company have been working in my garden every week for the last 5 years, I have had a few gardening companies in the past, as my husband and I are abroad most of the year. Ingrid was recommended to me, I found her knowledgeable, she was able to put forward ideas that I had not thought of, all I can say is that my wisteria has never looked so beautiful; it has an abundance of flowers due to her pruning. My borders have been rejuvenated and just look stunning.   Her team of guys are also hard working and always smiling…
Nagila Selmi from Chobham.

Ingrid low has been looking after our gardens in Upper Chobham Road for last 9 years. She does all the maintenance to the lawns, vegetable garden and greenhouses, and all the hedging and pruning. Over the years she has undertaken structural works to walling, paths and pergola. We have always been pleased with her work and have found her and the team to be reliable and conscientious.     We have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her company.
Mr and Mrs J R Campin.   Camberley

Ingrid and her co-workers are hardworking, reliable, knowledgeable and fun to work with in the garden, oh and they do like a cup of tea.
Maureen Ford.   Camberley.

Ingrid Low has been responsible for garden maintenance at Redwoods for the last five years and has helped to turn it from a third of an acre of neglected, overgrown wilderness into a beautiful, well-tended landscape.   Ingrid, with the help of her team, has reclaimed, extended and reshaped weed-infested lawns. They have cleared overgrown laurels and rhododendrons, trimmed tree branches and created neatly-trimmed hedges. They have cleared large areas of old shrubs, spread new topsoil and compost and replanted old beds and borders. The shed has been mended, compost bins built and paving cleaned and levelled. When the pond leaked Ingrid led a prompt rescue mission and six fish and eight frogs had cause to be extremely grateful to her. She and the team have been sensitive to a brief requiring the garden to be wildlife friendly and naturalistic in appearance. Ingrid has been extremely helpful and participative in redeveloping the garden and has had a substantial and invaluable input into the design and planting. In addition to the development work Ingrid and the team continue to keep on top of grass cutting, weeding and other routine maintenance tasks.   The Little Garden Company staff have proved to be punctual, hard-working and reliable as well as imaginative and helpful. I would not wish to be without them and I can happily recommend the company without reservation.
Lindsay Curtis from Camberley

Bespoke garden maintenance. Areas covered:
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